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Working with us is convenient and straightforward. Whatever the job you have in mind, we’ll draw upon our experience to find a solution that minimises disruption and suits the needs of your business.


You can rely on us to find a solution that will suit your needs. Our team has worked successfully within a range of different environments, from high-end hotels through to schools and leisure centres, and we’re familiar with adapting our working practices to suit each of our clients. Plus, if any issues arise on site, we have the experience and initiative needed to adjust accordingly, whether that means finding ways to repurpose existing fittings that were mistakenly installed as part of the category A fit-out or altering our schedule so that progress continues as intended.


Your project deserves the best. Our team is professional, knowledgeable, and prepared to tackle any issues that may come their way. We invest in all our team members and make sure that they receive ongoing training that will enhance their skills beyond what they learn while working on the tools. That way you know that your project will be handled by professionals and will be completed in accordance with the latest industry standards. We also take health and safety extremely seriously, carrying out thorough equipment checks and providing a detailed Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) before each project.


We all know how much hassle missing or incomplete paperwork can cause. That’s why we maintain comprehensive digital records for every project we take on. If you need to follow up on an aspect of the work that we’ve completed for you in the past, our office team can get the details to you within minutes. All our reports are clear, thorough, and have been designed with your needs in mind so that you can access the essential information quickly and easily. When it comes to quotes, we make our pricing as transparent as possible so that you can follow our thought process and, where possible, we’ll suggest multiple options to suit different budgets.


You’ll receive the same high-quality service whether your project is big or small. Our team has the capacity to complete large projects successfully while still retaining the flexibility and personal touch of a smaller company. We’ve built up a network of trusted contacts that we can depend on throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. This means that, while we directly employ a number of electricians, we can also draw upon this network of contacts to carry out work that is outside our areas of expertise. Want us to install some lighting for you while also putting up ceilings at the same time? We’ll get it sorted.


If you’re experiencing issues and you need a quick response, you’ll receive one from us. Our dedicated office team have the knowledge and experience needed to arrange an appropriate response straight away. You won’t need to wait for your issue to be discussed and passed up the chain. We also make sure that the person responding to an issue is always the person best suited to deal with it, regardless of their position within the company. This means that our management team are no strangers to getting involved with practical electrical work when the situation arises.


If you find that your project requires a little extra assistance, we’ll be happy to help. Our industry experience and knowledge mean that we can step in to make sure that you achieve the result you had planned. We’re used to working from tender documents containing different levels of detail so we’re able to interpret these documents and can put appropriate solutions into practice. And, if you’re not sure on how to proceed at any point, we can advise you or can put you in touch with one of our industry contacts. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes, across a range of industries so, if needed, we’ll be able to draw on our experience to find a solution.

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Give us a call on 020 8289 2165 or email to ask us any questions about our services. Or, if you’d like us to tender for your next project you can upload all the necessary documentation on our tenders page and we’ll be in touch.

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